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Allavino Product Information

Wine Refrigerators: Store Wine at the Perfect Temperature

Allavino an industry leader in innovative wine cooler and storage solutions. Featuring advanced energy-efficient technology, Allavino wine cooler refrigerators are opulently designed with blue LED interior lights and glass doors to display a variety of wine collections. Designed to maximize space, these wine fridges have adjustable gliding wine racks to easily store and accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Allavino units are renowned for their noise reduction technology, making them some of the quietest models on the market.

Finding Your Ideal Wine Cooler

Allavino’s extensive range of wine storage allows you to find a customized solution to storing your wine collection. With a variety of styles and features to choose from, Allavino wine coolers are the first choice among wine collectors, enthusiasts, and wine professionals. We have a team of wine and product specialists available to answer any questions and assist you with a personalized storage solution to suit your needs.

Single Zone and Dual Zone Wine Fridges

From single zone to dual zone wine refrigerators, Allavino wine chillers include easy-to-use digital temperature displays to help maintain reds and whites at their ideal temperature.

Single zone wine fridges are perfect for cellaring all your wines because it keeps all your wines evenly cooled. This is essential for long-term storage and preserving your wines. Additionally, single zone wine coolers tend to be more compact and are perfect for smaller spaces.

Our multiple bottle dual zone wine fridges contain two independent temperature control zones, allowing you to store white wine and red wine at their ideal temperatures in the same unit. For wine enthusiasts who have a large collection of both whites and reds, dual zone fridges are the perfect storage solution for maintaining the quality of your wines.

Freestanding and Built In Wine Refrigerators

Allavino offers options for both freestanding and built in wine cabinets. With options for black metal or stainless steel cabinet finishes, our wine coolers can be seamlessly integrated into any home or business. Our cabinets are offered ina variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space.

Freestanding wine refrigerators can range from counter top wine coolers to larger units that stand on the floor. They are ideal for homeowners with limited space in their home bar or kitchen. They can also great options for business with limited space or smaller selections.

One thing to keep in mind is that freestanding refrigerators require several inches around the unit to ensure proper ventilation. Freestanding units require little to no installation and often simply plug into any standard home electrical outlet.

Built In wine units are ideal for those looking to seamlessly incorporate a wine refrigerator into kitchen, bar, or restaurant. These built in coolers are designed to fit perfectly under a counter or placed directly up against a wall without ventilation issues. These refrigerators require installation and can be difficult to move after installation.

Outdoor and Indoor Wine Refrigerators

Indoor wine fridges are the most common and popular option for many wine enthusiasts and business owners because wine can be preserved best in low lighting conditions and it is often enjoyed indoors. Indoor wine refrigerators tend to last longer because they’re not exposed to outdoor conditions and they are easier to maintain.

However, for those who often entertain outdoors in a patio or barbeque area, there are outdoor wine refrigerators that are designed to withstand the elements. These models have more powerful cooling systems that allow them to maintain cooler temperatures despite potentially hotter outdoor temperatures. These models are also often exclusively made of stainless steel, which does not rust or tarnish when exposed to the elements.

Wine Cabinet Capacity

This is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing wine storage. Capacity will depend on the size of your collection and whether you plan on cellaring your wine or just storing it.

While many Allavino units have adjustable shelves, depending on your bottle shapes and sizes, you may be able to fit more or less than the estimated maximum capacity of the wine cooler. We always recommend purchasing a slightly bigger unit to ensure your entire collection can be stored.


Ideal for the casual wine drinker or for those with limited space, these smaller and compact mini refrigerators can fit on countertops or small bar spaces. These units can be easily moved around and are often single zone temperature units. The Allavino 12 bottle single zone refrigerator is the perfect compact cooler to upgrade any home bar or kitchen.


With options for both freestanding and built in units, these mid-size wine coolers are versatile enough for kitchens, home bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms. These fridges can be single or dual zone to suit your wine storage needs without taking up a large space. With adjustable shelves, you can adjust the interior of the cooler to suit your collection. A popular option in this category is beverage centers, which can store wine bottles, as well as, other beverages like bottled beer and canned beverages.


For those who own a fairly large collection of wine or who often have larger sized bottles, these mid-sized wine refrigerators will be able to store and preserve your white and red wines. With the options for dual zone, single zone, freestanding, built in, and extensive range of finishes, you can easily customize your wine storage solution. These units come with adjustable shelves that can easily be manipulated to fit a variety of bottle sizes.


These larger wine coolers will help contain and preserve your large investment. With multiple adjustable wine racks and fairly compact design, these wine coolers are suitable for kitchen and home bars but also large enough for commercial applications. The single zone models are ideal for preserving large wine collections, while the dual zone is ideal for storing wed and white wines for serving or entertaining. These fridges also come in freestanding or built in options and a variety of style options.


For the serious wine collector and restaurateur, these premium large wine cabinets can hold a large variety of wines. Extensive wine collections will be all contained in a sleek and sophisticated refrigerated cabinet, that is both functional and a captivating display. The UV protected glass door preserves your wine while the wood slats on the shelves cradle your bottles to minimize harmful vibrations. Options for single and dual zone are available to suit your wine storage needs, ensuring proper temperature regulation for storing and cellaring wines.


These large and sophisticated side by side wine cabinets will have guests or customers impressed! Double your storage capacity and your temperature zones with these titans of wine storage, featuring capacities up to 350 bottles and up to four temperature zones. For those with smaller wine collections, mid-sized side by side wine cellars are available for an elegant wine storage solution. Customize your wine storage to suit your wines of every style and vintage with a variety of options and features to suit your needs.


These commercial grade wine cabinets are built to accommodate the busy restaurant, bar, and wine industry. With a variety of size options, there’s a wine refrigerator for any business, large or small. Thes sleek and sophisticated wine cabinets are offered in a variety of finishes to integrate into any restaurant, winery, or home.

With freestanding and built in options, these commercial wine refrigerators an elegant solution to display and preserve wine. Fan-forced cooling prevents drastic temperature changes, preserving your wine until it is ready to be opened. Intelligently designed shelves allow bottles of all shapes and sizes to fit.